Comprehensive Maintenance

The maintenance operations listed in maintenance plans for the different levels of intervention are included the maintenance contracts signed by Erion with its clients.


Major Repairs

Erion Mantenimiento Ferroviario offers a wide range of high level repairs including regular maintenance plans and as-needed repairs.



Modifications are understood as the tasks associated with changing the original characteristics of the vehicle as manufactured in order to improve certain aspects for more efficient operation.


Accident Repairs

Erion Mantenimiento Ferroviario has the capabilities to undertake any type of repairs on vehicles that have been involved in accidents.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the maintenance structured around a planned programme of operations grouped into different interventions that are performed in a cyclical fashion


Corrective Maintenance

The maintenance required to restore the vehicle's functionality following an unexpected malfunction of the vehicle's components, circuits, etc., such as the replacement of a traction engine.