Maintenance Engineering

Erion offers maintenance engineering services that encompass all of the internal aspects required by an organisation and the external aspects required by clients.

The external engineering services offered by Erion include:

  • Proposals for drafting or modifying maintenance plans for rail vehicles.
  • Preparing maintenance documentation such as working instructions or maintenance standards.
  • Drafting plans for technical modifications.
  • Advising clients on technical aspects of operations and their influence on rail vehicles.

As for internal engineering services, Erion strives to constantly update and apply the very latest maintenance technology available in the industry, convinced that such tools provide not only a competitive edge and a rapid return on investment, but also the very best customer service.

Some of the most relevant technologies of this kind that we use are:


Diesel engine diagnosis equipment

This diagnostic equipment is based on the thermodynamic analysis of diesel engine cycles while charged, which is achieved by applying resistances to the electric generator.



Thermography is a very useful took for diesel locomotive maintenance in view of the thermal processes that take place in the machine room.


Vibration Analysis

Spectral vibration analysis is a critical tool for ensuring the proper working order of different pieces of equipment on board a rail vehicle.


Non-destructive tests

One of the most important aspects of rail maintenance is the use of non-destructive tests of metal components to rule out the appearance of fissures in wheels, axles and bogies.


Laser profilometer for wheels

One of the fundamental aspects of rail maintenance is controlling the wear on the wheel rims in contact with the track. This can be verified by checking the condition of the profile compared to the nominal for the vehicle in question.



Endoscopy is used to obtain sharp images of inaccessible areas. This in turn is used to diagnose certain types of malfunctions with greater precision, thereby accelerating the evaluation and decision-making process relative to the scope of the damages.


Power resistor for loading the traction generator

The external load resistor is a bank of high power resistances for charging locomotive traction generators up to 3000 Kw, in other words, slightly more than 4000 Hp. This facility is one of just a few of this power magnitude that exist in Spain.