Thermography is a very useful tool in rail vehicle maintenance given the thermal processes that take place in the machine room from both a thermodynamic point of view and in electrical circuits.

Thermography is based on capturing the infrared radiation emitted by the body that is being evaluated. Using the amount of infrared radiation emitted, which depends on the temperature of the body in question, and other parameters such as emissivity, it is possible to create a field of scalar temperature values.

Each point is shaded according to the measured temperature. The result is a thermal image of the hottest and coldest points on the body being evaluated.

There are numerous applications for this technology. For example:

  • Functional evaluation of heat exchangers
  • Evaluation of the status of traction engine rollers in rolling tests.
  • Evaluation of electrical power circuit connections and other switchgear components such as contactors, etc.
  • Condition of coils in running engines.
  • Flow regularity in diesel exhaust pipes.
  • Evaluation of cooling circuits.
  • Detection of gas leaks in cooling circuits.
  • Others.

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